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About HLF

We make the country a better place for anyone who needs lab furniture.

Since 1973, Hanson Lab Furniture — HLF — has been a quiet success among discerning lab customers who seek quality, value, and speed. That's because we deliver:

  • Unmatched quality for your dollar. We're a California-grown, vertically integrated company; always have been. That integration allows us to put our investment where it counts: in our products. For customers, that translates into pricing so competitive that our first-time customers are often astonished by how much more they can get from a budget by choosing Hanson.
  • The fastest delivery speeds in the industry — by an order of magnitude. And by "fastest", we're not talking about shaving a few days off of a schedule in return for a rush charge. Our normal delivery time is typically half the industry standard on steel lab furniture. It's even less on fume hoods. We have the domestic and international manufacturing capacity to deliver labs at the speed of Hanson anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • One of the only true QuickShip program in the industry. Need it even faster than our regular speeds? Through our QuickShip program, we can ship steel cabinets, and even fume hoods, from inventory, in as little as 48-72 hours.
  • Unprecedented support, from planning through installation.
    • Architects: We'll provide you with drawings, schematics, support, ideas and options to help you realize your design vision. That's true whether you're developing a cost-conscious laboratory or creating a unique custom environment; whether you need steel, laminate, or wood. (And as we said, we regularly deliver custom jobs in the amount of time it takes our competitors to deliver standard casework.)
    • Contractors: Whether it's your first science lab or your 70th, our expert lab planners will help you deliver a flawless project on time and on budget. We'll help you with custom drawings and schematics, guidelines for planning plumbing and electrical, expert installation by customer-friendly professionals, and scheduling help that will make you look like a hero. Need something more? Just ask.
    • Project Managers: We'll go out of our way to provide what you need to make your job easier: documentation, schedules, suggestions for maximizing your budget, and more.
    • End-users: You'll get a lab that works for years, and service after the sale. Most of all, you'll enjoy all of Hanson's advanced features and innovations, from fume hoods with more usable space and an optional auto-sash closing mechanism, to full-extension self-closing drawers on our cabinets.
    • Dealers: We're a tightly integrated company where departments actually talk to one another. All our people — management, lab planners, manufacturing, sales, marketing, even the folks in the warehouse — are focused on supporting our customers' and dealers' success. It's worked for us for more than 40 years, and explains why so many of our customers have been with us for decades. If you're interested in becoming an HLF dealer, contact us now now to find out about available opportunities and our new lead-generation programs and marketing support.

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