Agility™ Systems

MODULAR CASEWORK SYSTEMS: The Perfect Choice for Changing Needs

HLS Newest Agility™ laboratory casework offerings provide complete flexibility to have your lab your way. Agility™ workstations can be reconfigured with little to no effort and often no tools making them a great choice now and a smart investment for the future.

  • Fully mobile – Move your workstation with instrumentation intact! No wasted time on disassembly and reset
  • Adjustable countertop height available
  • The only pre-wired, pre-plumbed system with up to a 3500-pound working load.
  • Modular design allows simple future expansion
  • 3-position adjustable countertop height
  • Can be reconfigured with minimal effort
  • Fixed countertop height
  • Value system with the best features of the Agility™ line
  • Provides a built-in feel, with full adaptability


Agility™ gives control of the changing lab workspace to users, without the need for other resources.


In-house precision design, engineering, and assembly

Highest load capacity and most durable products on the market


Unique power, data and specialty gas service utility modules that can be configured and pre-installed into your new-build HLS Agility workstation

Choices for AC power, RJ45 ethernet, specialty gases, USB power, isolated/multiple circuits and dedicated emergency power can be tailored for your specific needs

Exclusive design distributes power and services vertically, for the most efficient use of workspace

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