Fume Hoods/Enclosures

Hanson delivers the world’s best walk-in and bench-top fume hoods, at surprisingly competitive prices. Best of all, we deliver at the speed of Hanson: usually less than half the industry standard delivery time. Even faster when you order from our QuickShip program.

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Hanson fume hoods are built with features that surpass industry standards in every respect:

  • Ergonomic features, like taller sight lines, a crush-resistant sill airfoil, and a wire chase that keeps cords out of your way
  • Advanced ergonomic features, like an optional and innovative automatic sash control that automatically moves back to the correct working position while leaving your hands free.
  • Safety features that are far above the industry standard – including higher-rated safety glass, thicker liner board, and consistent airflow delivery for the life of the hood.
  • Innovative design that offers more usable space — ideal for a tall or bulky apparatus, material, or process.
  • Quality construction for longer life, for all-welded steel frames to forged brass bodies on the remote service fixtures.

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5SA Series Benchtop Fume Hoods

  • General Purpose Benchtop Fume Hoods
  • Hi-Line Benchtop Fume Hoods
  • ADA Benchtop Fume Hoods

4SA Series Walk-In Fume Hoods

  • Vertical Sash Fume Hoods
  • Horizontal Sash Fume Hoods

Planning / Buying Information

  • Sash Designs
  • Operating Types
  • Canopy Hoods / Extractor Arms
  • Pre-Piping / Prewiring
  • Ceiling Enclosures
  • Dimensional Data
  • Custom Hood Designs

Contact our Lab Planning Specialists to get started: 805-498-3121

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