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James Paganelli
Lab Planning Specialist

James Paganelli started his career in the fabrication department at Hanson Lab Furniture, Inc. in 1994. Between that first assignment and his current position as a lab planning specialist, he moved through the Hanson desks of project engineering, project management, and estimating. In doing so, he picked up a level of experience that's rare to the industry. He has an intimate understanding of the tools needed to help you get the most out of your lab project. And he's built a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

In 2007, he established the Hanson regional office in Fremont, California, to better serve Hanson customers in the San Francisco Bay area and in Northern California. His proximity to these customers allows the quickest response time to meet with you and begin planning a laboratory that allows you to stay on budget while maximizing your design goal.

James has an Associate of Science degree from ITT Technical Institute, where he studied CAD.


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